Juho Lukkari is a Mountain Guide and inspirational speaker.

Guiding in the Mountains

Juho has an intrinsic motivation to enable his clients to expand their horizons in the mountains. It is not just nice tours in cool landscapes, it is about the nonverbal experience that can make you grow.


It is about the our journey here on earth. It is the expedition to get know the unknown out in the world as well as inside of us. This includes the question how can we change to be better prepared to our next journey, challenge or purpose.

Authentic Speaker

To bring the impressions, experiences, teachings of the mountains to auditorium in a depth that they can be integrated into everyday life.

It has been a Journey for me

How do you become a mountain guide when you were born in a little village in flatland of southern Finland? First of all it need a vision. And to find a vision one has curious enough to find it.

Yeah I think curiosity is a characteristic that describes many stages of my path.
I spend my childhood in Myllykoski in South Eastern Finland and I was blessed to be able to do sports and challenge my physical capabilities in that that way. The other important thing that I inherited in my origin was the connection to the nature, which I have been carrying all the way along.

Curiosity was definitely there when I left Finland behind and started to study (1999) at the University of Konstanz at the German – Swiss border town. Besides the studies at the university this was ticket for me to get to know the mountains. It was totally a new terrain for me to learn – a way to combine the connection with the nature and the sports.

Juho telemark skiing summit slopes of Wetterhorn Bernese Alps 2006

Curiosity got more the form of motivation to learn new things. And new places. Changing from Finland to Germany had opened a lot my horizon and I wanted see even more. I traveled to Chile to do an study exchange. (2002) Well I think that I learned much more about the Andes about the cell biology which I was suppose to study there. I climbed Aconcagua (2003) on that trip and is was a definitely a huge milestone for me.

Juho on top of Aconcagua March 2003

The same thrive to know the mountains better, to develop my mountaineering made me then to abandon the biology career. I headed back to Chile (2006), where I started to work as a guide in the mountains knowing for the first tour on that this is what I want to do as my profession.

Juho and Quque Clausen during the IFMGA training in Argentina 2011

The motivation to guide
I knew it from the years in the Alps that if I want to be professional guide I should do the guiding degree. The closest guiding school from Santiago de Chile was in Bariloche, Argentina where I did my degree. The school was a great challenge and now I am so grateful to be able to do my IFMGA guiding degree in Patagonia (2011). It pushed me to learn so much more of the mountains and guiding. So obviously in the beginning the of the professional career the motivation is just guiding, to do it well.
But by the years I am much more conscious about the real depth of the activities in the mountains and it makes the motivation more to the development of the activity in profound way…